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Stay in Control
top to bottom.

A directional job demands drillers, well planners and coordinators who are committed at every level. Meet the difference makers. 
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Experience a
Deeper Level
of expertise.

Three decades and more than 6,000 wells have taught us what to expect and how to respond. That depth of insight delivers returns that are hard to come by. 
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at every level.

Crescent’s directional drillers pair accurate equipment and software with a commitment to exceeding expectations. That’s how precision guides performance.  
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safe returns
in all directions.

At Crescent, operational productivity and safety go hand in hand. Our highly trained team takes every measure to safeguard our customers’ success from start to finish. 
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Where We Are Today

Where We Are Today

Since 2003, Over 8,000

wells in place

With 54.3 Million Feet of Earth Drilled Horizontally.

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