Core Ideology

While we keep our focus downhole, we never lose sight of the big picture: taking care of business, and taking care of our customers.

It’s a perspective and a promise Crescent takes seriously. We take every measure to provide our customers with the most advanced directional drilling services and technology, supported by field and office personnel with decades of experience in the directional market.

Add to that our relentless pursuit of precision and our commitment to going the extra mile, and you have a formula designed to deliver impressive returns — without failure.

Vision & Values

At Crescent, we create value for our customers by offering complete guidance solutions for a host of horizontal and directional drilling applications.

In doing so, we embrace the responsibility to act with passion, precision and purpose in every aspect of our operations.

These directives form the core values that guide the way we do business:

  • Teamwork and Flexibility: We will continue to nurture a work environment that values communication, encourages versatility and advocates collaboration at all times.
  • Service and Responsiveness: We exist to serve our customers; field personnel and office support staff will be like-minded in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, day or night.
  • Experience and Expertise: We will field the industry’s best directional drillers, MWD/EMWD engineers, well planners and coordinators on every project from start to finish.
  • Health and Safety: We will ensure our customers’ success in a safe manner; to that end, operational safety will take precedence over productivity whenever necessary, no questions asked.
  • Precision Performance: We will utilize only the best fit-for-purpose directional drilling equipment in the industry, with an organizational emphasis on quality at every level.
Testimonial “I can't imagine working for a better group of guys. They come together like family.”

Dig Deeper

There’s nothing unconventional about the way we do business. We’re just committed to doing it better. Find out more about our culture and discover why Crescent’s people are the difference makers.