Complete Directional Drilling

Drilling Services & Specifications

Directional drilling involves a complex process of drilling non-vertical wells to increase energy production, decrease hazardous situations and reduce impact to the environment. To recover hydrocarbons this way, and do it successfully, requires precise directional drilling equipment, accurate guidance solutions, pinpoint monitoring software and the technical support to back it all up.

Directional Drilling Tools

Crescent owns a wide selection of directional tools and software, including drilling motors, MWD/EM-MWD and on-site diagnostics — an inventory we support with experienced directional drillers, coordinators and MWD/EMWD engineers. Our dedicated coordinators will help you assemble an equipment package that exceeds the requirements of the project.

Crescent Directional Drilling Equipment:

Well Planning

Even the most advanced directional tools are only as good as the hand that guides them. Each member of our well planning team averages 25 years or more of hands-on experience designing precise directional wellbores. Using sophisticated well planning and torque-and-drag analysis software, we take a total approach to optimizing ROP and ROI.

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Monitoring & Diagnostics

Anything can happen on a directional drilling rig. The key to success out there is knowing what to do when it does. All Crescent directional drillers and field personnel come fully equipped with the real-time monitoring and survey tools they need to quickly navigate the unexpected and stay in the target zone.

Support & Maintenance

If decades in horizontal drilling have taught us anything, it’s this: making sure your drilling operations run smoothly is always top priority. Crescent’s entire team is standing by 24/7 to provide technical assistance and project support from start to finish.

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