Directional Drilling Tools & Services

Planning, designing and drilling a directional wellbore consists of a highly complex set of factors. Geological and formation properties, as well as desired cost and performance criteria, must be carefully considered throughout every phase of a project.

Crescent offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to execute drilling projects with pinpoint precision and exceptional service. We provide our customers with a robust toolbox for complete performance at every level.

Directional Drilling Motors

Reliable downhole motors are a vital component of every directional drilling toolkit. Crescent’s directional drilling motor utilizes a proven PDM, engineered for maximum precision and performance.

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Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Every second counts out there on a directional drilling rig. Crescent’s measurement while drilling (MWD) system generates precise downhole data in real time, allowing the directional driller to make time-critical decisions with unprecedented accuracy and confidence.

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Electromagnetic MWD (EM-MWD)

For even faster survey data in harsh drilling conditions, our electromagnetic (EM) tool offers the full complement of accuracy, precision and reliability you’ve come to expect from Crescent’s positive-pulse MWD system — with none of the moving parts.

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Instrument Kits

Precision performance, uniquely packaged to meet your project’s exact operational requirements — Crescent’s instrument kits assemble proven directional drilling technology, tested for optimal accuracy and reliability.

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