Directional Drilling Motors

We’ve engineered our directional drilling motors with a single purpose: to make hole under the toughest conditions. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with our manufacturer to improve design and durability at every level, making Crescent’s mud motor the ideal solution for complete downhole control.

Precision Control and Performance

Crescent uses a positive displacement mud motor (PDM) for maximum performance and control in a variety of directional drilling applications.

Crescent’s motor utilizes a double-pinned jaw clutch transmission to allow for seamless and complete directional control, even when facing the most challenging drilling conditions.

Whether your project calls for durability or flexibility, Crescent equips you with the best of both. We offer high-quality fixed housings as well as field-adjustable housings from 0-3°.

Drilling Motor Specifications

Available in a full range of power and flow configurations, Crescent’s directional drilling motors can be specified to your exact applications and objectives. You can count our professional operations team to prepare a precise motor assembly that meets or exceeds the drilling conditions.

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