Electromagnetic MWD (EM-MWD)

Crescent’s electromagnetic measurement while drilling (EM-MWD) system allows field operators to survey wells independently from drilling fluid properties and rig hydraulics. EM-MWD systems are the preferred downhole tool in a number of applications for their ability to deliver fast survey times in harsh conditions.

Downhole Precision with Zero Moving Parts

Crescent’s electromagnetic (EM) tool is built for high performance and low maintenance. Because EM-MWD systems operate independently of drilling hydraulics, there is no lag time and no need to cycle the pumps for synchronization purposes.

Our compact electromagnetic MWD systems transmit and receive survey data up to four times faster than positive-pulse models and eliminate many of the problems associated with high LCM or downhole pressure variables.

The Crescent EM-MWD Advantage:

  • Faster surveys and toolface measurements
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts
  • Downlinking to make real-time adjustments
  • Handles high amounts of LCM
  • Internet accessible to assist in troubleshooting
  • Conserves battery during rotation (optional)
  • Available with real-time gamma ray and various tubular sizes

Drilling with Crescent EM-MWD

Our EM-MWD team includes experienced technicians who are prepared to provide a deeper level of speed, precision and responsiveness. Together, we will assist you in optimizing drilling performance in a number of advanced directional applications, including:

  • Coal bed methane (CBM)
  • Lost circulation
  • Vertical control drilling
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Re-entry wells

Measurement While Drilling vs. EM Tools

Traditional measurement while drilling systems take measurements at the bottomhole assembly (BHA) before transmitting the data back to the surface, usually by wireline transmission or the drillstring itself.

Electromagnetic tools send low-frequency EM waves up through the formation, rather than the drilling mud, where surface equipment then receives, decodes and displays this data back to the EM-MWD engineers and rig operators in real time.

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