Instrument Kits

Horizontal drilling requires a unique set of skills and precise set of tools. On every project, Crescent prepares robust instrument kits with advanced drilling equipment guaranteed to operate at peak performance from the word “go.”

Assembling Precision Performance

Prior to each job, our dedicated case coordinators consult with the customer to determine the most effective equipment package based on the operational requirements of the wellbore and tool reliability.

Crescent’s skilled tool service technicians then assemble each component, double- and triple-checking it for accuracy to ensure your directional equipment will perform to the desired specification.

Comprehensive Tool Selection

We’re committed to providing our customers with the most complete directional drilling services in the industry. Crescent offers a wide range of fit-for-purpose downhole tools and has the ability to procure special equipment that falls beyond our in-house inventory. If your application demands it, we’ll deliver it.

Additional Downhole Components

  • Hole openers
  • Steel and non-magnetic stabilizers
  • Steel and non-magnetic collars and subs