Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But in horizontal and directional drilling applications, it’s not always the best course of action. Crescent’s measurement while drilling (MWD) technology generates robust, real-time data that allows directional drillers to precisely position the bit along complex curve profiles — and steer operational success top to bottom.

Stable. Reliable. Fully Retrievable.

On the pad, nonproductive time is not an option. That’s why we’ve specifically engineered our positive-pulse MWD survey tool for longer downhole life.

Crescent’s modular measurement while drilling system features rubber-finned centralizers between each component, keeping the tool stable as it travels through the wellbore. And the tool’s wireline retrievable design allows the unit to be replaced in the event of equipment failure.

Why choose Crescent MWD? 

  • Gamma compatible
  • Wireline retrievable
  • Regular and hot-hole components

Confidence While Drilling

Reliable measurement while drilling tools are a key component of any successful horizontal drilling operation. Pressure variables, drilling mechanics and formation properties recorded in real time help the driller identify conditions that could lead to tool damage, failure or other issues.

Every MWD/LWD kit deployed to location comes equipped with two sets of downhole tools and two sets of surface equipment to ensure operational readiness in the event of an unforeseen downhole situation. You can drill safely and confidently knowing there is no rig downtime waiting on tools.

Advanced MWD Applications

Certain drilling conditions, such as underbalanced applications and high-LCM environments, require an even deeper level of speed and precision. In these specialized situations, electromagnetic measurement while drilling (EMWD) may prove more efficient and cost-effective over the course of your project.

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