Directional Well Planning

Over the years, horizontal and directional well planning has gone high-tech. While the analysis software we use to create intricate well profiles has improved considerably, our approach has remained consistent: precise planning, better results for our customers.

Planning a Horizontal Well

Successful wells begin in the office long before tripping the first line. Our veteran well planners use a consultative approach to review all operational components of the drilling process, from determining effective mud and casing programs to selecting an optimal bottomhole assembly (BHA).

The aim of the well planning phase is to integrate operational issues that contribute to the success of a well plan and maximize uptime throughout the life of the project.

With the drilling program in place, we then use sophisticated wellbore design software to construct a comprehensive well profile to reach the target objectives under the specified drilling conditions.

Crescent Well Planning Software:

Executing a Directional Well Plan

Anyone can drill from “point A” to “point B.” It takes a unique blend of experience and insight to keep a directional operation ahead of the curve.

Through constant collaboration with our management and well planning teams, Crescent can successfully plan and implement the most challenging directional drilling projects.

The Crescent Complete Advantage:

  • Daily planned-versus-actual (PVA) surveys to monitor our customers’ progress
  • Detailed, accurate end-of-well reports at the completion of each project
  • 24/7 support from field personnel and well planning teams