Well Planned Performance

Excellence in the field demands advanced well planning tools. Crescent pairs decades of industry know-how with industry-leading hardware and software to plot precise directional wellbores that accurately and efficiently meet our customers’ project goals.

COMPASS™ Directional Well Planning Software

Each of Crescent’s support offices is fully equipped with Landmark COMPASS™ directional well planning software to optimize performance based on cost, torque/drag or anti-collision criteria.

From traditional horizontal drilling to complex underbalanced applications, this advanced tool allows our experienced well planners to navigate trouble zones and keep projects on time, on target and within budget.

Armed with this sophisticated technology, Crescent can identify and implement a broad range of horizontal well planning solutions, including:

  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Collision avoidance
  • Dogleg expectancies
  • Well profile optimization

Directional Well Planning with COMPASS™

COMPASS™ leverages real-time survey data to quickly optimize drilling trajectories. Cross-domain workflow and data integration provide a clear picture of performance to our entire team in the field as well as in the well planning office.

With integrated data accessible by the entire team, from the senior well planner to the directional driller right there on the pad, Crescent can improve operational safety and efficiency throughout the project. It’s just another way we use expert technology to optimize performance.