Real-Time Survey Data & Reporting

Horizontal wells and other complex well profiles require a directional driller to maintain tighter tolerances. These targets are difficult to hit and, consequently, demand a greater level of care and precision. Crescent outfits each job with the industry’s most robust directional survey and reporting tools to generate clear, comprehensive data so your drilling team can keep your project on course.

WinSERVE™ Field Survey

Precision performance starts at the surface with precise tool selection, and WinSERVE™ is no exception. Each directional driller is armed with this reliable borehole surveying program to monitor the wellbore from their field location.

WinSERVE™ provides the directional driller with advanced calculation capabilities for real-time insight into the downhole environment. With this robust data, the entire drilling team can diagnose potential problems and then make time-critical adjustments that optimize drilling performance. 

WinSURV2™ Reporting

This robust reporting program allows Crescent field personnel to maintain a record of daily drilling activities, including bottomhole assemblies (BHAs), tool inventory and hydraulics for each job.

WinSURV2™ quickly generates and consolidates 20 different types of reports — including end-of-well reports — reducing time spent preparing paperwork. We plot these comprehensive reports daily to give our customers a precise picture of their operational performance and to monitor a job’s progress.