Crescent Drilling Latest Updates

  •  Eagle Ford: Crescent Directional drills record length curve and lateral of 14,439' in just 113.5 hours for an average penetration rate of 127.2 ft. per hour with just one BHA.

  •  Drilled the fastest 3 string well with deep intermediate casing (8,000+ of 9-5/8” casing) for an Operator in the Eagle Ford Shale - 18,884 feet drilled in 8.17 days at 2,312 FPD (drilled 100% in target).

  •  Drilled the fastest surface hole @ 508ft./hr. in Webb County, Texas

  •  Drilled fastest curve and lateral @ 167ft./hr. in Webb County, Texas

  •  Fastest vertical w/ no tangent @ 202.9ft./hr in Webb County, Texas

  •  Fastest vertical tangent (16 degrees) @ 209.6ft./hr in Webb County, Texas

  •  Fastest curve in 6.5 hours @ 104ft./hr. in Webb County, Texas