We Make a Difference at Every Level

Experience on the pad means confidence in decision making. Having a team of seasoned professionals with a strong track record working together only adds a deeper level of precision to the equation. For us, making a difference on a directional drilling rig starts with the same team of experts performing under pressure, time and time again.

Field Personnel

Any directional driller worth his salt can make hole. At Crescent, our people make a difference. All directional drillers, MWD/EMWD operators and rig personnel have a wealth of field experience prior to joining our team.

Crescent supports each team member’s continued technical development through extensive training and certification programs, ensuring all personnel possess the most up-to-date skills and knowledge in advance of every project.

Directional Drilling Coordinators

Our dedicated coordinators offer expertise in all aspects of horizontal and directional drilling. From selecting experienced directional drillers and field personnel to assembling a robust equipment package, coordinators manage each project start to finish in order to ensure ROP translates to ROI.

Drilling coordinators at Crescent are responsible for managing day-to-day drilling operations, such as scheduling equipment availability, monitoring well-site safety and communicating updates to our customers.

Service & Repair Specialists

Precision performance begins with exceptional equipment service and maintenance. Crescent’s service team offers technical expertise in tool design and engineering to keep all directional drilling equipment operating at peak performance. Our technicians are fully trained in equipment service and repair, maintaining Crescent’s rigid quality control standards at all times.

Teamwork Top to Bottom

Crescent field personnel, drilling coordinators and service teams are in communication at all times during the course of a project to ensure we meet or exceed our customers’ objectives.

We’ve worked hard to create an environment that breeds teamwork and chemistry in all aspects of our operations. It’s a people-first philosophy that extends to the way we approach every job, both internally and with our clients.

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