Quality at Every Level

At Crescent, precision is carefully coordinated long before the first assembly is put together. You see, we understand success out there starts with quality control right here — whether it’s the seasoned professionals on the pad or the reliable directional tools we send out on every project. We work as a unit to guarantee operational success and safety top to bottom.

In Preparation

We understand reaching your target depth is really a product of preparation and precision tool selection. Crescent’s highly trained personnel perform a battery of tests before your equipment is ever put in service:

  • Visual quality inspection
  • Specifications check
  • Function test

In Action

After decades in horizontal drilling, we’ve learned not to take anything for granted. That’s why Crescent’s field operators assemble and re-test all equipment on site to ensure no tools withstood damage during transport.

Detailed Quality Assurance (QA) reports and service records are available upon request for any equipment Crescent ships to your site.

In Response

Upon completion of a job, every piece of directional drilling equipment is returned to one of our repair and maintenance facilities. Here, our skilled tool service technicians carefully clean and restore each component to as-new condition. We then carefully inspect and test the tools to ensure they will operate to the desired specifications.